Jon Fredrik Strøm / Joon (joon_storm) wrote in scandinaviary,
Jon Fredrik Strøm / Joon

The beginning

Welcome one and all to the ScandinAviary community!
This will primarily be used as a place for announcements that are worked out in the project's forum - found at
I wish to urge as many as possible to sign up there, and I especially encourage you to share whatever thoughts you may have regarding the project.
This con does not belong to one furre, nor a handful - this is a project meant for the enjoyment of all furs interested and cannot be brought to life without the support of as many as possible.

Currently, the only thing worth announcing is the forum. Again:
The whole project is in an infantile state and we're trying to get it up and on it's feet.

Please help spread the word - send links to friends, post links in forums, scream at the top of your lungs from  the top of a bell tower; or other such things.
Thanks for your interest in this project.
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