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"From all of us, to all of you"

Furries! Friends! Family.
’tis the season for various kinds of sentiments from leader-type-figures, as we all probably know, and I shall try to be no exception:
We’ve rather efficiently probably voiced most, if not all, concerns that should be taken into consideration for the realization of a congregation of our kinsmen. I’m sure we’ve all had our fair share of things to take care of in our personal, academic and professional lives, which in a way makes it fairly convenient that we’ve gotten a lot of things discussed during the lazier (and warmer) days of summer.
Things have been slow on the forum since then, indeed, but the cause is definitely not abandoned. I feel that we have “the knowledge” in place, but all that really remains is putting the gears in place so we may seriously get the machine rolling.
In any case, there’s hardly any need to worry about the future of ScandinAviary the way I see it. Together, we’ll get it all in place at some point.
But for now:
Merry winter solstice and have a nice winter bloth! May the sun return once again and bring new life with it to us all!
Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, merry Eid al-Adha, happy Kwanza, miserable Festivus and a happy new year!
And for those who know the TRUE reason for celebrating the 24th of December: Happy birthday Santa Claus – now fork over the presents already!
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