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Swedish FurCon?!

Since the forum is STILL kinda dead (despite my previous post in this community, tsk tsk) I thought I'd post this here as well; SweFurCon is a swedish furry convention that's going to be held in Stockholm next year. See my original post in the forum about this here.
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Is there anybody out there?

Just poking a bit, because the whole project seems to have died. D: Almost nobody visits the forum anymore, so I thought I'd update here, since at least a few of the members are members here as well.
A swefur just joined a few days ago (I'm sorta posting on his behalf, since he doesn't have an LJ), and he has some great ideas I think we should listen to. He for example has access to a scout camp area close to Gothenburg which would be a great location for the con. Go to the forum and read more!

All you furs out there, put your paws in the air.

Hi everyone ^^ I don't know what language you prefer, so this one i gping to be in English. Finally got some time to become a member of this glorious community ;) A bit about myself, for those who don't know me yet. Male Siberian wolf, grey fur, chestnut hairfur, friendly and welcoming - always ready to give a helping paw, but I have my my quirks ;) If you have any further questions - feel free to contact me on my MSN, for a cozy chat, or maybe more? And about the Scandinaviary itself, if you feel that I can contribute with anything, just ask, I'll be there. Ok wolf signing off, ciao.
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"From all of us, to all of you"

Furries! Friends! Family.
’tis the season for various kinds of sentiments from leader-type-figures, as we all probably know, and I shall try to be no exception:
We’ve rather efficiently probably voiced most, if not all, concerns that should be taken into consideration for the realization of a congregation of our kinsmen. I’m sure we’ve all had our fair share of things to take care of in our personal, academic and professional lives, which in a way makes it fairly convenient that we’ve gotten a lot of things discussed during the lazier (and warmer) days of summer.
Things have been slow on the forum since then, indeed, but the cause is definitely not abandoned. I feel that we have “the knowledge” in place, but all that really remains is putting the gears in place so we may seriously get the machine rolling.
In any case, there’s hardly any need to worry about the future of ScandinAviary the way I see it. Together, we’ll get it all in place at some point.
But for now:
Merry winter solstice and have a nice winter bloth! May the sun return once again and bring new life with it to us all!
Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, merry Eid al-Adha, happy Kwanza, miserable Festivus and a happy new year!
And for those who know the TRUE reason for celebrating the 24th of December: Happy birthday Santa Claus – now fork over the presents already!
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Social expansion

As a trial project, the Social part of the ScandinAviary forum has recieved some additional boards: Chat and Art.

These boards are meant for discussions that aren't really related to the planning of the con. A few had expressed interest in such boards and now they're in place. These boards may hopefully stimulate communication between us neighbours, and maybe even make people less shy about making suggestions and asking questions in the more serious con-related threads. Should things get out of hand, the Social boards will be removed.
The management only ask you, the users, to show some common decency and courtesy as it is a forum that is open to all - and we wish to keep it that way. This is not an attempt to usurp the national forums - we still encourage you to stick to your national forum for planning of local meets and whatnot.

With the mandatory "tough guy"-speech out of the way:
Happy posting! ;-P

The beginning

Welcome one and all to the ScandinAviary community!
This will primarily be used as a place for announcements that are worked out in the project's forum - found at www.scandinaviary.com
I wish to urge as many as possible to sign up there, and I especially encourage you to share whatever thoughts you may have regarding the project.
This con does not belong to one furre, nor a handful - this is a project meant for the enjoyment of all furs interested and cannot be brought to life without the support of as many as possible.

Currently, the only thing worth announcing is the forum. Again: www.scandinaviary.com
The whole project is in an infantile state and we're trying to get it up and on it's feet.

Please help spread the word - send links to friends, post links in forums, scream at the top of your lungs from  the top of a bell tower; or other such things.
Thanks for your interest in this project.