Jon Fredrik Strøm / Joon (joon_storm) wrote in scandinaviary,
Jon Fredrik Strøm / Joon

Social expansion

As a trial project, the Social part of the ScandinAviary forum has recieved some additional boards: Chat and Art.

These boards are meant for discussions that aren't really related to the planning of the con. A few had expressed interest in such boards and now they're in place. These boards may hopefully stimulate communication between us neighbours, and maybe even make people less shy about making suggestions and asking questions in the more serious con-related threads. Should things get out of hand, the Social boards will be removed.
The management only ask you, the users, to show some common decency and courtesy as it is a forum that is open to all - and we wish to keep it that way. This is not an attempt to usurp the national forums - we still encourage you to stick to your national forum for planning of local meets and whatnot.

With the mandatory "tough guy"-speech out of the way:
Happy posting! ;-P
Tags: art, boards, chat, scandinaviary, social
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